Windows 8 password reset trick using Admin tools

In spite of  windows 8  being Microsoft’s most secure operating system to date, it is possible to actually remove or  change a user’s Windows 8 password without using other third party paid software , and you can actually  do it by using the windows  built-in troubleshooting tools.

windows 8 password reset recover

This clearing of the existing password or changing of the password on windows 8 computer or laptop takes only ten minutes if you are a little tech savvy.  All it takes is a Windows 8 System Recovery disc or a USB flash drive and the ability  to enter a few commands in the windows shell or dos command prompt windows.

Do not worry! Its easy to  get into the dos command area in windows , Just type CMD into the windows start button search area and click on the program that shows up on screen.

This  password removal /reset method is to replace the Ease of Access centre application called (utilman.exe) with another copy of the command prompt (cmd.exe).

This replacement or swap can be done from inside the System Recovery environment and then you have to reboot,  when you can see the Windows 8 login screen again.  When this is done ,the Ease of Access button is placed at  the bottom-left corner.

When you Click it, a command prompt will appear — AND hey PRESTO  you have got  full administrative privileges, which means you have got super user powers and you can  you can modify things like other users’ passwords on the computer and off course change and remove you own forgotten or lost password.

So now that you have got admin powers via dos command, you will need to execute  the good old “net command” to  wipe out a Windows 8 password on the computer or notebook / laptop. This can be done with ease by just typing in the command to wipe out password  .

Once you’re done removing the password , just reboot and restore utilman.exe and cmd.exe to their original states, and you’re good to go.

This Pc password reset hack does not only work on Windows 8 but also works on other versions of windows like  Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows Server 2008.

The question to be asked is – why has  Microsoft  not worried about trying to  fix what seems like a glaring security oversight? We don’t know , but while it lasts , it surely is one free way to  to recover access to your pc or laptop if you forgot your laptop or computer password on  windows 8 computer or  any other version of windows .

lost your windows administrator password compresed

While this trick works for free and is a bit more technical , there are other quick and easy ways to reset a Windows password that are far less technical  due to it being customised built  software just for recovering passwords . The Reset Password pro for windows user or windows admin login software, for example is one such software to recover password easily .It is a tiny windows based  tool  and guide that can blank a password in fewer steps and much less time.  Get it here 

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