What to do if you forget your Windows computer password

If you’ve forgotten your Windows computer password, there are many ways to retrieve or reset it, but it will also depend on ,if you’re on a domain , network of local pc. I know the pain of losing my desktop computer  password and so below i have researched all the information and tools you need to recover your pass if you lost or forgot it

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  •  If your PC or computer is on a domain or connected to a local network , your system administrator will need to reset your password and windows recovery resetting software is not an option .
  •  If you’re using an official Microsoft account, you can reset your password online itself and there is no need to purchase any special software for reset or recovery.
  •  If you’re using a local account, you might be able to use your password hint as a reminder to unlock your account.

What about if I forgot my password to my windows 7 computer or to any windows computer or laptop ?

If you forget the administrator password or login password to your windows computer and don’t have a password reset disk that was already made earlier or don’t have another administrator account, you won’t be able to reset the password.

If there are no other admin user accounts on the computer from which you can login to reset other user passwords on that computer , you won’t be able to log on to Windows and will need to re-install Windows or then use a custom software.

windows lapotp and desktop computer password recovery solution

(snapshot of custom software  reset password pro)

There is custom software  that provide  password recovery solutions not only for lost or forgot windows 7  password recovery , but  the software  work’ s on most windows versions ( eg.  windows 8 , windows 2000 , NT, windows xp ,  windows vista and most of the home premium and pro versions of these win versions.)

You might wonder how this custom software works

The three steps short process to unlock your pc

1. Download and Install password software

2. Follow software instructions to Easily create  a Recovery disk or USB stick

3. Insert Disk or USB  stick and reset your password to recover access

(More detailed process below)

How it Works – First of all, you need to go to the password recovery software website and make a payment for the software.  As they have a secure site and accept all major credit cards, there should not be a problem for any type of payments.

Step by step  on Using the Tool to Recover your password

After payment is done you will, you will be given a username and a password via the email you provided. You  will need to log in  to the website  and  you will then be able to download the tool.

The installation of software is quick and simple and you can even refer to the available video on website and image instructions available for help on this.

I really have not found the need to look at the  instruction videos because the  given process is so simple and  installation is just so easy.

As soon as you have done the software installation, the next thing that you need to do is to come up with a “boot disk” or a USB stick  with the software on it. The software helps you do this.

Basically, the process of creating a boot disk is just the same as burning a disk which the software will do for you. The tool will do everything for you and this can be done in a few seconds only.

The final part is easy and this is the part where you need to reset your password. You need to  simply turn on your laptop computer or desktop computer for which you lost the password  and then insert your USB Stick/drive or CD  which you made with the Reset Password Pro software.

Resetting  / Unlocking  the password

You will then be shown a list of Administrators and Users that were registered on your locked laptop or computer . If you own the laptop or the computer, then it will only show your name on it.

So choose that  account and click on “Reset”.

This process just takes out the existing password from your login account  and you will be able to log in to your laptop or computer without the use of any password and put in a new password of your choice .

reset any microsoft windowspro computer

(the banner from their website says its works on most windows versions and i had to use it for my windows 7 password that i forgot  and it worked, however I also got the chance to test it on a old windows vista laptop that i had and it worked well for  that as well)

Its was easy getting back access and I was definitely relieved after I was able to log back in to my laptop. I was happy to see the important files that I could have lost forever and the joy and relief cannot be measured.

I provided the download  link earlier, but here is the link once more  for you to download  the software now or just browse the site to get more information.

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