How to make a password reset disk or usb stick

The below procedure  with pictures  will show you how to make a password reset disk or usb stick to enable you to recover with resetting your computer  password .

This essentially is a method which you should perform  when you install windows or have  access already to your windows computer or laptop . if you have already lost or forgotten your computer password then this software might help

Windows 7 How to make forgotten password reset disk or usb stick

This snapshots are from  windows 7 computer , but you can pretty much make a password rest disk on most recent windows computers

The pictures are pretty self explanatory  and once you launch the software , you pretty much keep a usb stick or disk ready  and follow the instructions given by the program  to  make the disk .

Step by step How to make password Reset disk

1. click on start button , type reset password

compressed ScreenHunter_26 Mar. 05NEW

2. you will get this showing up. click on  create a password rest disk

compressed ScreenHunter_26 Mar. 05

3.  The software disk making program will open like below

compressed pasword disk for windows 7 how to make

4. You will need your current password to continue

compressed ScreenHunter_29 Mar. 05

5. Make your reset disk or usb stick  to rest your password

compressed ScreenHunter_28 Mar. 05

These snapshots are from windows 7 computer but should be the same for most recent versions of windows versions.

Here is a video related  to this step by step procedure

I would suggest making a disk when you got a new computer or then if you do  anew install of windows  and name the disk or usb stick  reset password disk and keep in a safe place . As suggested if you have already lost or forgot your password  and have no access to it currently , you can  use this paid software to instantly reset your password