Heart bleed vulnerability for dummies

Heart bleed is a flaw or opening that  was wide open for evil hackers  to steal your password  when you were logging into websites  like Facebook , twitter etc . Essentially  this flaw was  there to be  taken advantage off be people  with malicious intent for nearly three years .

bleeding heart  bug in website

The technical  meaning of heart bleed

All websites use a  encryption process called ssl , this encryption was open ssl, there was a flaw in open ssl that let  people withe evil intent of stealing your password ,easily steal them for the last  3 years. This   vulnerability is now  being termed as heart bleed.

It is a bug in an underlying structure of Internet security known as Secure Sockets Layer, or SSL, the industry standard for creating encrypted links between client and server. When you type “https” in a Web URL to provide a secure encrypted connection while banking or shopping (or, for that matter, Tweeting), you’re using SSL. Many email providers use SSL, both for Web mail and when exchanging mail with client programs such as Microsoft Outlook.

What to do

Do not log into accounts from afflicted sites until you’re sure the company has patched the problem. If the company hasn’t been forthcoming — confirming a fix or keeping you up to date with progress — reach out to its customer service teams for information, said John Miller, security research manager for TrustWave, a security and compliance firm. Once its fixed Please Reset all your paswords

What websites are affected by bleeding heart ?

YOU can also check a n extensive list of the top websites that are not vulnerable anymore or which is still not fixed up here at the cnet website

The SSL company has set up a website detailing vulnerable systems, mitigation tactics, and other relevant information.

Windows password recovery playlist

How to Unlock your Windows 8/7/Vista/XP Password with Ease

When you Need to Unlock Windows Password?

  • Forgot or lost your Windows password (including Administrator)?
  • You know the password but can’t login because your account is disabled or password is expired.
  • Windows account is locked out by mistyping the password so many times, or whatever.
  • Your computer has been hacked and the password has been changed?

If you want to regain access the computer as usual and don’t want to lose any data from it. With the help of PC Unlocking software, you can unlock any Windows 8/7/Vista/XP password at ease.

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Another Unlocking windows computer password Video

“How do I unlock my administrator password?”  simply use the software and follow instructions  received to quickly reset password

Unlock your electronic devices with a digested pill

The new password pill from motorola

Forget remembering long, complicated passwords to protect your electronic  digital devices and the precious information you access on them that are constantly at risk of being hacked. In this new scary world  where top websites are getting  compromised everyday ,they’re too easy for hackers to crack and for you to forget.

A new revolutionary method has  just been released. A ll you need to do is pop a pill  and your password is secure inside your body . Just pop Motorola’s edible “authentication vitamin” pill and you can literally become the password.

One you pop this pill , you become  a  human password  and this is the big idea behind the telecom company’s Motorola’s  controversial swallowable electronic pill. 


Motorola’s  password pill VIDEO

One the pill is swallowed  and digested  the pioneering pill on, triggering it to transmit an 18-bit, EKG-like signal from your insides. The  micro computer’s (thankfully silent) signal would then automatically unlock your smartphone . ipad and other gadgets.

You become the password  and  you dont need any authentication as you are your  own password beacon for as long as the pill is still inside of you.

The pill, developed with help from ingestible tech leader Proteus Digital Health, isn’t available for purchase just yet, despite successfully winning FDA approval.

This opens a whole new realm for ingestible electronic devices  whihc can collect and stream real-time data like skin temperature, heart rate and who knows what else.  

Internet world- tutorials for password unlocking and resetting!

Soon  Launching  / Coming  articles and tutorials on how to reset your password  for all Internet enabled devices  and software that enables you  to gain access to your computer smartphone , tablets or electronic devices  if you lost  password or your access to it 

password remember

In the  meantime enjoy some password resetting  youtube videos

Windows 8 password reset

Software tor unlock windows computer

How to unlock windows computer with software


Repair disk for windows – How to make a repair disc

  • Open the Start menu and type backup. Choose Backup and Restore.
  • The Backup and Restore window opens
  • Click the Create a System Repair Disc link.
  • The Create a System Repair Disc dialog box appears.
  • Insert a blank DVD into your DVD drive.
  • Click the Create Disc button.
  • Windows 7 prepares the System Repair Disc.
  • Click Close twice to exit the dialog boxes.
  • Eject the disc, label it, and put it in a safe place.
  • Remember to put the disc some place that you’ll be able to find in an emergency.
  • When the disc is done, Windows 7 may start the AutoPlay dialog box. Close AutoPlay, if it opens.
  • If you are unable to boot your Windows 7 to create a Windows 7 System Repair Disc, then you could create it on another computer to use on your computer.