Comparing Free and Paid Password Unlocking Software

Comparing Free and Paid Password Unlocking Software

For people on the go, working or running their business from their laptop –  constant access to their laptop is very important. Losing a password to your tablet or laptop can result in losing money and possibly  business and income.  You don’t want to forget your laptop password , but this happens

Forgotten your Laptop Pass ?

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Its not only losing business that’s at risk when you forget your pass, but also being unable to reply to important emails, access important business and personal files on your computer, contact numbers – which all can  affect you or slow your business down. You could easily miss out on a new job , if you had your resume in your laptop and it got locked.

Most people generally remember passwords when they use it frequently,  this problem arises more when you haven’t used a pc or laptop in a while or then just reset your old password and cant seem to remember the newly reset password.

Whatever the case, if you use windows then you can easily reset your lost password with a custom made software. There are many tools and programs online that do this, but you would need once that is quick and easy to use. It should also be safe and not damage your files.

You can use some free methods that still work, but  there is not guarantee on them working and some of them are quite technical and long winded

We researched online for free methods to unlock a laptop, including visiting a local computer repairer. Turns out the best and quickest way – is  to get a custom made software to unlock your laptop. It costs a little bit of money , but you are guaranteed the job will be done safely without any risk to your existing files.

How custom password  software works ?

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When we tested out  free software, we found out  that  the  free methods were either out-dated or then so fiddly to do that we gave up. The custom software  in comparison  cost us some $$ ,  but it did the job in 20 minutes.

We have used many software including free and paid software to test out how it works. Below is the ones we would recommend.

These two  software we tested  is particularly good as it gives the option for both making a unlocking CD or then a  USB. I did not have a CD DRIVE on my laptop so this worked well just made  an unlocking USB stick.

The process is  quite simple and when you purchase the  software , they will send you the link to download software and instructions for resetting your computer.

All you need to  have is a CD drive  with software to burn a CD  if you are using  the CD method to unlock , if you don’t have CD – you can make a Unlocking USB  from the software. Instructions are provided.

Once you follow instructions and make the unlocking CD ore USB, you just stick it in and restart  your computer  and unlock you PC or laptop.

If your lucky the whole process can be done in 10 minutes, for some It i might take a bit longer.

Here is the two software/tools  Ii can recommend after my testing of these software’s


1. Password reset pro – Get $27 Deal

reset password pro

2. Password Resetter – Get $34.99 Deal

password resetter new

I used “Reset password pro” and it worked well,  I later on got my friend  to test out the “Password Resetter”  which had a slightly  different interface  but it worked as well and did a good  too.

Good luck to you!

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