Heart bleed vulnerability for dummies

Heart bleed is a flaw or opening that  was wide open for evil hackers  to steal your password  when you were logging into websites  like Facebook , twitter etc . Essentially  this flaw was  there to be  taken advantage off be people  with malicious intent for nearly three years .

bleeding heart  bug in website

The technical  meaning of heart bleed

All websites use a  encryption process called ssl , this encryption was open ssl, there was a flaw in open ssl that let  people withe evil intent of stealing your password ,easily steal them for the last  3 years. This   vulnerability is now  being termed as heart bleed.

It is a bug in an underlying structure of Internet security known as Secure Sockets Layer, or SSL, the industry standard for creating encrypted links between client and server. When you type “https” in a Web URL to provide a secure encrypted connection while banking or shopping (or, for that matter, Tweeting), you’re using SSL. Many email providers use SSL, both for Web mail and when exchanging mail with client programs such as Microsoft Outlook.

What to do

Do not log into accounts from afflicted sites until you’re sure the company has patched the problem. If the company hasn’t been forthcoming — confirming a fix or keeping you up to date with progress — reach out to its customer service teams for information, said John Miller, security research manager for TrustWave, a security and compliance firm. Once its fixed Please Reset all your paswords

What websites are affected by bleeding heart ?

YOU can also check a n extensive list of the top websites that are not vulnerable anymore or which is still not fixed up here at the cnet website

The SSL company has set up a website detailing vulnerable systems, mitigation tactics, and other relevant information.